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Jogroup Meerkat case study

  • In 2009, insurance aggregators were the most hated and mistrusted advertisers on TV.

  • By 2013, Comparethemarket was one of the top 10 most trusted brands in the UK, despite not even having a product of their own to sell.

  • The toy scheme moved CtM from the no. 4 car insurance provider to no. 1 in the UK

  • The toy scheme created CtM's pet insurance category and they now have 80% of the category in the UK

  • As a result of the toy programme, CtM is now the no. 1 insurance aggregator across ALL categories

  • Back in 2006, was a small player in what was the 'car insurance comparison' category at the time. This is a category where market share is king. The bigger you are the more likely you are to survive. In a category where market share is determined by spend, CtM were fourth in a category of four.

    And everybody's facts and benefits were the same. By increasingly focusing on 'differentiating' claims in advertising, all the sites increasingly blended into one.

    CtM's only option was to do something different. In a context where the competition are perceived to be irritating and disliked, they worked out that if they could entertain and get people to like them, then they might just be able to stand out.

    And so, Aleksandr Orlov was born. A loveable but complez character who was desperately frustrated by the confusion between and

    As a result, the love people grew to have for Aleksandr had an outstanding impact on the fortunes of the brand

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