Jogroup was established in 1967 and was subject to a management buyout in 2005.

Jogroup specialises in procurement for retail stores as well as for professional promotional marketing campaigns and customer incentive schemes.

Nick Adams and Tracy Murphy, Jogroup’s operational directors, have worked together for over 15 years and together they have a varied commercial history & background, including excellent product knowledge, extensive retail experience, an awareness of technology and the manufacturing industry, plus an immense zest for design. All of this is reflected in their work, which is what sets them apart from other bespoke design & manufacturing companies. Jogroup have a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing process and widespread experience in managing and dealing with overseas based suppliers and factories.

We believe Jogroup offer the highest standard of bespoke product ranges with the emphasis on excellent quality and price competitiveness.

Jogroup works directly with the factories, with on-site pre shipment inspections by our quality control teams.

Its extensive experience in design development, sourcing and manufacturing ensures the customer that every detail from the product design to delivery is covered.

Jogroup specialise in production using a variety of materials that includes textiles, ceramics, plastics and metals.

Jogroup are adept at developing high quality products made from almost any material, whether it’s fabric, plastic, metal or otherwise.

Finally and most importantly, Jogroup understands that your ideas are precisely that – your ideas, and nobody else’s. You can therefore trust us to protect your designs and ideas, and to keep all related material strictly confidential.