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Conker is the silliest elf in Lapland and he needs your small folk's help to pass his elf training and earn his golden bell. As Christmas approaches Conker needs a boy or girl to 'teach him all that they know, like counting and drawing or even to sew'. The gift set includes:
  • High quality embroidered Conker soft toy
  • Opening wooden elf door modelled on the Magical Forest's doorwary into Lapland and a beautiful Lapland scene to go behind the door
  • 24 page "Conker the Silly Elf" story book written by Alison and Mike Battle, the founders of LaplandUK
  • Instruction guide for 'Big Folk'
  • ...and the all important golden bell for you to tie onto conkers hat when you feel he deserves it
Box dimensions: 35cm x 28cm x 12cm.
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